Last Updated on September 11, 2023

Hi, I’m Thomas and I am the founder of Hard Money History.

I have been studying monetary history since 2007 and have been investing since 2011.

I have always been fascinated by History. But when I realised how it helped understand economics, finance and investing, I was hooked.

For me, educating myself in these things serves the purpose of building generational wealth.

Some of my favourite topics to write about are monetary history, precious metals, cryptocurrency and value investing.

My portfolio contains precious metals, stocks and cryptocurrencies. My economic philosophy is predominantly Austrian.

During my 10+ years as an investor, I have made some good returns, as well as my share of mistakes. But I firmly believe that education makes you a better investor.

To be the best you need to be well rounded and have a good understanding of quite a few areas including:

  • Political, economic and monetary history
  • The role of money in an economy and how central banks work
  • How markets work
  • Political systems and how they impact market conditions
  • How to spot and understand fundamental trends
  • How to value a company
  • Investor psychology and the investment cycle
  • Your own goals, risk profile and emotional control

My goal is to help you become a better investor and build generational wealth with accessible and digestible pieces of history that have implications for the present day.

My Investment Philosophy

Learn from History: There is very little new in the monetary, financial and investment world. All the lessons you need to protect yourself and prosper today can be found in the past. All you need to do is take the time to look.

Be conservative: All investing carries risk. However, I am naturally conservative and do not feel comfortable taking on large risks. However, I also realise that doing nothing is a risk and maintaining all your wealth in cash will lose you money through inflation. I invest in such a way that my downside is protected, many of my positions are defensive and the risks I do take have appropriate reward.

Be contrarian: While there is money to be made following a trend, I’ve learnt that the biggest returns come from being early and buying an asset when it is unpopular. This naturally means taking a position that is out of step with the mainstream consensus.

Look for value: I am a value investor through and through and only believe in investing in things that are priced below what their value is.

Consider market fundamentals: I believe technical analysis has its use as a way of slightly improving entry and exit points. Otherwise I invest primarily on market fundamentals.

Buy and hold: I mostly buy assets with a minimum 3-5 year time horizon, ideally longer. Occasionally I buy with a 1-3 year time frame. I never trade for short term gains.


Hard Money History does not provide financial or investment advice. This website is a journalistic resource providing financial and historical information of a generalised nature, not specific to any reader. Do your own due diligence as Hard Money History accepts no liability for any decision made based on information on this website.

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