A History of Money For Investors

This website is an exploration of the history of money and considers the lessons that today’s investors can learn from the past.

We are living through a unique period in human financial and monetary history.

As an investor it would pay to do your best to understand this phenomenon.

You need to be able to protect your portfolio with a good defense and earn a real rate of return above the rate of inflation with a good offense.

Macroeconomic, technical and company level analysis is still incredibly important. But to understand what confronts you today you also need to know your history.

You can’t invest with history alone. But understanding it can help give you a chance to succeed in this challenging environment.

Ready to Improve Your Understanding of Monetary History?

  • The History of Hard Money: For most of human history societies have used some form of hard money. That means, something where the money is not easily reproduced and has a degree of scarcity.
  • The History of Gold: Gold has been sound money for thousands of years. It continues to play a role today and will almost certainly play a role in the future, despite the challenge from Bitcoin.
  • The History of Silver: Silver has a long history of use as money and it could be argued that it has been even more influential throughout history than gold.
  • The History of Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency. Thousands of other coins have followed. While most will fail cryptocurrency is a fundamental shift in the nature of money.
  • The History of Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a historic development right up there with the biggest technological changes in the history of mankind. It has changed the history of money, the history of finance and the history of the world.
  • The History of Monero: Monero seeks to address Bitcoin’s flaws and be the premier decentralised peer to peer digital cash. Through its privacy, fungibility and infinite block reward, Monero is a serious challenger to Bitcoin.
  • The History of Paper Money: The history of paper money is a history of failure. Authorities have sought to utilise the flexibility it gives their finances, but have generally mismanaged it and brought catastrophe.
  • Value Investing: If you understand sound money then value investing should have an intuitive attraction. You appreciate value in your money, so you should appreciate value in your stocks.

About Me

My name is Thomas. I have been studying monetary history since 2007 and have been investing since 2011. My economic philosophy is predominantly Austrian.

My investment philosophy is conservative, contrarian and based on value and market fundamentals. I buy and hold for the long term. I also believe that you can grow your wealth over time by patiently allocating the vast majority of your funds into traditional conservative investments, while generating good returns with a small portion of your funds allocated to speculative investments.

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Hard Money History does not provide financial or investment advice. This website is a journalistic resource providing financial and historical information of a generalised nature, not specific to any reader. Where an economic case is considered for an asset this is not a recommendation to buy. Do your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investments. Hard Money History accepts no liability for any decision made based on information on this website.

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